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Sunshine Seminar

The most important scientific meeting in the Caribbean region dedicated to female medicine…


MATernal Education and Risk Reduction is a patient-oriented project, developed as part of the Global Initiative Merck for Mothers…

Myths and Facts

This innovative clinical symposium consisted of three-panel discussions; two in Gynecology and one in Obstetrics, where experts openly and interactively discussed controversial topics in the field…

Water for Milk

Water for Milk is an Emergency Public Response Program developed after Hurricane Maria to promote breastfeeding during natural disasters…


The “Zika Contraception Access Network”, Z-CAN is a program that was created to increase the supply and access to contraceptive methods approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)…

Caras de la Endometriosis

Network of Gynecologists with interest in the diagnosis, treatment and adequate management of patients with endometriosis…



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